Sunday, 14 August 2011

Brioche Bread

• 1 sachet of fast acting yeast (Briochin in France, not traditional, not de boulanger)
• 500g T45 flour (that's cake making flour, not bread flour)
• 75g castor sugar (sucre cristallisé)
• 1 sachet vanilla sugar (sucre vanillé) or ¼ tsp vanilla extract (not essence, yuk )
• 60g diced butter
• 1tsp salt (keep away from sugar and yeast in the mixing bowl)
• 2 large eggs / 3 medium, beaten in a measuring jug
• 1tbsp orange flower water (eau de fleur d'oranger) (can be replaced with same of rhum) mixed with the beaten eggs
• enough cold milk to bring top the egg mix in the jug to 340ml
The liquid must not exceed 340ml in total.
Bake as a basic white loaf, light crust (as the sugar will brown the top), XLG size. The brioche will rise a lot.

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